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December 15th, 2008 by Helen

This year’s Christmas production at the Lyric Hammersmith is Cinderella. It is a dark take on the popular fairytale – they are using the Brothers Grimm version of the story. I went to see the show on the opening weekend and I was very impressed – the set is amazing, the actors are brilliant and the story is very exciting and well told, if a little macabre. I have done both the rehearsal and production shots for this show. The production shots get sent out to the press and my images have been in Time Out, The Independent and lots of online theatre reviews

Here are a few of the photos:

Cinderella at the Lyric Hammersmith

Daniel Weyman as the Prince

Cinderella at the Lyric Hammersmith

Elizabeth Chan is Cinderella

The Prince and the Sisters in Cinderella

Katherine Manners and Kelly Williams play Cinderella’s sisters

The Prince and a sister

Daniel Weyman and Kelly Williams

The step-mother and sister

Grainne Byrne was outstanding as the evil step-mother

The Prince and Cinderella

The set was beautiful with a sweeping staircase and real silver birch trees.

Daniel Weyman and Elizabeth Chan

The Prince and Cinderella

Cinderella is running at the Lyric Hammersmith until the 3rd January 2009.

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Penny and Nick

December 9th, 2008 by Helen

Before I became a freelance photographer I worked as an assistant to top photographer Douglas Fry. Doug is widely regarded as one of the best wedding and corporate photographers in the country and I learnt an enormous amount with him. I became freelance about 18 months ago but Doug and I keep in contact and from time to time I work with him on various photographic shoots. Last Saturday I worked as Doug’s Second Photographer at the wedding of Penny and Nick in Oxford. The couple wanted me to photograph the men before the wedding (whilst Doug was with the bride) and also the ceremony itself.

An Usher enjoying the day

The ushers and best man got ready in the Macdonald Randolph Hotel.

Off to the Chapel

Four rickshaws came to pick up the men to take them to the ceremony.

Nick strides ahead of his groomsmen towards the chapel.

Nick walking into the College.

Nick and his best man

Nick and Penny got married in Hertford College Chapel

Hertford College Chapel

Hertford College was founded in 1282 and the chapel was dedicated in 1905.

Penny and Nick walking up the aisle

The chapel was a beautiful setting and the couple looked very happy

Nick and Penny

The bride and groom

Confetti for the bride and groom

Penny and Nick left the ceremony to a shower of confetti

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Carlina and Matt

November 28th, 2008 by Helen

Last Sunday was the wedding of Carlina and Matt.

The bride preparing for her wedding

Carlina and Matt love black and white images, so they have asked for all the images to be provided in black and white. Of course because of the way digital cameras work, the photographs are all also available in colour should the couple later decide they would like some colour images.

The bride and groom got married in Admiral’s House

Carlina and Matt got married at the Admiral’s House, at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich

The happy couple

The happy couple – Carlina looked stunning and Matt looked a very happy man.

A christmas tree in the Queen Mary Suite

The reception was held at the Queen Mary Suite at the Old Royal naval College. The Old Royal Naval College is one of the most beautiful and historic wedding venues in London, and the Christmas decorations really added to the charm.

Matt and Carlina

Matt and Carlina

The married couple dancing

Everyone danced with such enthusiasm throughout the night and the bride and groom were no exception!

Carlina sings to her guests

Carlina is a very talented singer-songwriter and she got on stage to sing to her guests. Ably accompanied by Matt on keyboards the pair wowed the audience who were clamouring for more.

The women sing to the men

The band got everyone singing – here the men and the women try to out sing each other

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Pebble London

November 17th, 2008 by Helen

For the past eight months I have been taking photographs of jewellery for Pebble London. Pebble London are a small company based in Central London that sells really unusual and striking jewellery. Sourced from accross the globe, Pebble London’s jewellery has appeared in most of the top fashion magazine from Vogue to Elle to Harper’s Bazaar. My job has been to photograph the jewellery for the Pebble London Website. Pebble has an enormous stock and I only started taking pictures for them in March, so there are still quite a few images on the website by other photographers. Here are examples of what I do:

Pebble London necklace    Pebble London red necklace    Pebble London necklace

I photograph necklaces in 3 different ways: From above; at a 45 degree angle and close up. Please click on the image to see a larger image. The style of the website is to have no shadowing so it creates a very clean look on the page.

I mainly take straightforward catalogue style photographs of the jewellery, but occasionally I am asked to photographs items in a different style for different parts of the website. These is a pair of earrings from their popular new lines of silver and gold leaf-skeleton jewellery.

Silver leaf earrings

Pebble is extremely popular in the fashion glossies and regularly appears in top fashion shoots. Here are a couple of images using one of Pebble’s necklaces. The one on the left is from Harper’s Bazaar and the one on the right is Russian Vogue, sadly I did not take these photographs!

Pebble London in Russian Vogue th Russian Vogue cover

Here are my photographs of that necklace that appears on the website:

Metal Pebble London Necklace   Metal Pebble London Necklace   Metal Pebble London Necklace, close-up

Photographing for the web like this has really taught me a lot of new skills. A lot of my other work is reportage style – taking photographs of people at events, weddings, or Press and PR shoots. Taking pictures like this requires a good understanding of lighting and a real eye for detail. It also requires a very good quality macro lens. I bought a Canon 100 F2.8mm Macro specifically for this.

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Danielle and Dovi

November 16th, 2008 by Helen

Earlier on this blog I mentioned how I occasionally Second Shoot with other photographers, and on Monday I did this again with acclaimed photographer Mark Seymour.  Danielle and Dovi got married in a traditional Orthodox Jewish wedding, at the Manor of Groves Hotel, in Sawbridgeworth.

A young family member plays with the bride

Danielle enjoys a few moments with a young bridesmaid

The Rabbi during the Ketubah

The Rabbi accompanied by male relatives comes to see the Bride for the signing of the Ketubah.

Dovi underneath the Chuppah

The groom underneath the Chuppah. A traditional Chuppah is set up with open sky above it, so the ceremony was outside. It was raining heavily so everyone was crowded round with umbrellas.

Danielle and Dovi

Danielle and Dovi, happily married.

The Manor of Groves, Sawbridgeworth

In traditional Orthodox weddings the men and women celebrate the wedding separately. If you look at the photograph you can see the hall has been divided in two. The woman sat to the left and the men to the right. The top table can be seen in the foreground, and the band were down the far side of the room. This way the men and women can both dance to the music, either side of the partition.

Dovi on a table

The men lift up a table with the groom on it during the dancing.It was quite unsteady but Dovi managed to stay upright.

The mother of the bride

The mother of the bride laughs during the Rabbi’s speech.

Danielle, Dovi and Danielle’s grandmother dancing

Although the men and women generally stayed separate during the wedding, occasionally Dovi would pop through to dance with his new bride and their family.

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Colleges Week

November 14th, 2008 by Helen

This week is Colleges Week, which celebrates the role Colleges play across the country in unlocking talent in communities and transforming the lives of learners. Today I photographed the Secretary of State John Denham, who was addressing local business leaders at CoNEL, in North London,  which was one of the venues participating in the UKs biggest business breakfast.

Secretary of State John Denham

You may notice in the background there is a large poster advertising Colleges Week. I also took these photographs several weeks ago, at the same time as I did the photographs for the Colleges Week Website. These posters have been sent to all the colleges throughout the UK. Please click on the thumbnail to see a larger image.

Poster for Colleges Week      A poster for Colleges Week      Colleges Week publicity poster

There was a particularly large banner of the ad, that must have been about 2 meters by 4 meters. It just goes to show how large modern digital files can be blown up to (click on the thumnail to see a larger image):

Enormous banner

If you are interested in seeing more of my corporate work please visit my website or contact me on 07833985436, or by my email,

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Spring Awakening

November 10th, 2008 by Helen

I have recently taken some photographs for the upcoming production Spring Awakening that will be opening in January 2009 at the Lyric Hammersmith. I will be working with this production in the future, so keep an eye out for future blog entries. These photographs have been used in a lot of online theatre guides including Official London Theatre Guide, London and What’s on Stage.

Aneurin Barnard, Charlotte Wakefield and Iwan Rheon

L-R: Aneurin Barnard is Melchior, Charlotte Wakefield is Wendla, Moritz is played by Iwan Rheon.

Left-right: Iwan Rheon, Aneurin Barnard and Charlotte Wakefield

The three lead actors in the forthcoming production of Spring Awakening. The photographs were taken at the back of the Lyric Hammersmith, and this photograph was taken using my 85mm F1.2 with a 5D body.

The lead actors of Spring Awakening

Spring Awakening opens at the Lyric on 23rd January 2009.

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Nadine and Tom

November 5th, 2008 by Helen

On Saturday I was in south London for the wedding of Nadine and Tom

The bride

I started at Nadine’s house as she prepared herself for the day. The wedding had a ’30s theme, and Nadine looked stunning in her dress, designed by Claire Trapnell.

The Morris Minor

Nadine and her bridesmaids turned up to the ceremony in Morris Minors

The wedding

The couple got married at their local church, St Augustine in Forest Hill

Nadine and Tom

A quiet moment after the wedding

The groom

Everyone went on to Charlton House for the reception

Tom kisses his wife

Tom and Nadine share a kiss during Tom’s speech

The cheese

Instead of a wedding cake, Tom and Nadine had a wedding cheese

The drummer

The Colin Peters Quartet were the band for the evening.

The first dance

The first dance

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Diana and Richard

November 1st, 2008 by Helen

On Wednesday I photographed the wedding of Diana Lazenby and The Revd Richard McLaren

Diana before her wedding

I started photographing Diana at home as she prepared for the day. Diana looked fantastic in a Beatrice von Tresckow dress.

Diana and Richard walk down the aisle

The couple got married in Richard’s church, St Mark’s by Regent’s Park

The Revd Richard McLean

Richard looked extremely smart in his suit from Theatre d’Arte at the Odeon in Paris

Richard and Diana

Just married!

A gorilla at London Zoo

The reception was held at London Zoo. The guests had an opportunity to explore the zoo which everyone loved. One of the gorillas was sitting by the window looking very thoughtful.


A make-up artist was on hand to paint the guest’s faces if they chose, and the fun wasn’t restricted to the children.

The groom’s speech

Richard gives the Groom’s speech

A kestral at London Zoo

During the reception, a member of London Zoo staff brought out animals for the guests to admire, including this Kestrel. She was unperturbed by the guests and seemed to enjoy looking around.

Cutting the cake

Cutting the cake

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Colleges Week Website

October 28th, 2008 by Helen

Recently I was recently commissioned to photograph a selection of people for the forthcoming Colleges Week. This involved travelling around different parts of the country meeting people who are in one way or another involved in colleges – be they students, principles or employers using colleges to help train their staff. These photographs will be used by the Department of Innovation, Universities and Skills and the Learning & Skills Council in a forthcoming poster campaign and are also used on the Colleges Week Website.

Screen shot of the Colleges Week website

I didn’t take all the photographs on the website – the big colour image you can see on the left of the page is a still from the video made at the same time. If you would like to see some of the images I have taken that have been used on the website or elsehwhere in the campaign then click on the thumbnails below.

Colleges Week Photograph   Colleges Week Photograph   Colleges Week

Colleges Week Image   An image from Coleges Week   Colleges Week Photograph

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