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Jack and the Beanstalk Production Photographs

December 21st, 2009 by Helen

Jack and the Beanstalk is currently running at the Lyric Hammersmith, here are some of the production photos:

Plug and Evelyn Greedly in Jack and the Beanstalk

Sean Kearns plays Plug and Angela Wynter plays Evelyn Greedly. You may recognise Angela Wynter from Eastenders – but I didn’t! She used to play Yolande Trueman. Obviously the stage make-up doesn’t help much, but even when I took her headshot in natural make-up, I didn’t spot her. The character must be about 15 years older than the actress, who unsurprisingly is far more glamorous in real life than on Eastenders. Needless to say the character of Evelyn Greedly is a long way away from an Eastender’s character, and Wynter played her excellently, full of energy and over-the-top menace. Sean kearns was excellent too, probably two of my favourite characters in the panto.

Martyn Ellis as Ms Wendy Windsor

Martyn Ellis is excellent as Ms Wendy Windsor, the pantomime dame. The Lyric Young Company actors make up the ensemble.

Javier Marzan

Javier Marzan plays El Especial who plays the cow. So to clear up any confusion, a male actor, plays a bull, who is pretending to be a female cow. Simple.

Tom Robertson

Tom Robertson plays Jack, seen holding one of his magic beans.

Natalie Best     Stuart Mackenzie     El Especial

Snails     The Pantomime Dame     Evelyn Greedly

To see more images double click on the thumbnail (and then double click again to see an even larger image). Included are pictures of Natalie Best, who is great as Jill, Jack’s love interest, and puppet snails, operated by the very talented Max Humphries.

The show has received a lot of press coverage and my photos have been in plenty of publications including Time Out and the Financial Times.

Jack in the Beanstalk is running until the 9th January, and I would definitely recommend it if you are after an energetic, fun, big family afternoon out.

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Wedding Ideas – signed framed photographs

December 17th, 2009 by Helen

Occasionally clients want something different at their wedding, a special personal touch that they can cherish forever. Traditionally couples have a wedding guest book where their friends and family can write their best wishes, but for couples wanting something a more distinct I offer a framed picture service. Usually I meet the couple at least a month before their ceremony and we photograph an engagement session – which means we get loads of great photos of the couple somewhere together. In the case of Mel and Ade we met in Central London and took lots of photographs of the two of them around London landmarks and they chose this as their favourite image:

Mel and Ade - a pre wedding photo shoot

I then had the photograph printed, in this case I had it enlarged to 10″x14″, and I took it to my favourite printers to have it professionally framed. What is so special about these framers is they frame it so that you can remove the glass and the frame, so that the wedding day the guests can write their best wishes on the mount.

Framed photograph before glass removed

Above you can see the picture framed for when the guests arrived. I had it framed with a 4 1/2 inch double mount and a thick black frame – obviously precise dimensions change depending on the size and colour of the photograph. After the guests had settled themselves down, the groom gave a speech and mentioned that he would like his guests to sign the frame. I had dismantled the frame by then so that people could write on it.

Writing on the mount

As you can see the frame has a double mount, a thin inner one, and a wide outer one, so that guests can write in the outside mount. Mel and Ade’s guests all wrote their best wishes for the couple. I didn’t put it back together because I left in the evening, and the celebrations were due to go on all night, but the frame was very easy to reassemble so Mel and Ade were able to do that by themselves when everyone had finished signing it. At the end of the night they had a photograph of the two of them with all their friend’s best wishes on display – rather than tucked away in a book.

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Lord Mandelson and Lord Young

December 14th, 2009 by Helen

At the moment I am recapping a few of the jobs I photographed in the past few months, but haven’t had time to put up here. In early November I photographed Lord Mandelson, the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, at Westminster Kingsway College.

Lord Mandelson

Lord Mandelson was visiting the college as part of Colleges Week, which ran from the 9th to the 15th November 2009.

Peter Mandelson

I took a selection of photographs of Peter Mandelson around the college, who spent a lot of time talking to the students and asking them about their courses. Click on the thumbnails below to see more images from his visit, or take a look at the Colleges Week website.

Lord Mandelson at Westminster Kingsway College     Peter Mandelson     Lord Mandelson

Two days later I was in Poplar where Lord Young, was visiting Tower Hamlets College.

Lord Young

Lord Young signed the airTHC plane, which Tower Hamlets are using to raise awareness of their seven environmental pledges.

Lord Young at THC      Lord Young      Lord Young with THC students

Lord Young visited an A2 Media Studies class, and chatted to students cooking in a training kitchen as part of their Skills for Work course. To see a large image please click on the thumbnail.

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Jack and the Beanstalk Promo photographs

December 11th, 2009 by Helen

It’s panto time again, and this year I have been photographing Jack and the Beanstalk at the Lyric Hammersmith.

Jack and the Beanstalk

L-R Tom Robertson, Angela Wynter, Martyn Ellis.  I usually take rehearsal and production photographs for theatres, but in this case the Lyric asked me to take some set up shots to send out to the press before the production shots were ready. These were taken in the Lyric Hammersmith, using the backdrop they selected, and with my studio lights.

Jack and the Beanstalk at the Lyric Hammersmith

These photographs got lots of coverage and this one appeared in the Guardian Guide in their best panto section.

Jack and the Beanstalk Promo photographs

We didn’t just take photographs indoors, we also went outside the Lyric where there happened to be a market and I got lots of shots of the cast by the theatre and in the market itself. These photos were used in the press as well, including Time Out. Imagine a Friday afternoon in Hammersmith with a Dame and Jack – needless to say we caused quite a stir. Some people looked a little uncertain as the Dame cavorted round the area, bantering with the stall holders, but many took it in their stride. The stall holder at Wild Country Organics was particularly good and he played along offering the Dame some of his finest produce. Click on the centre thumbail to see a large image of the outcome.

Martyn Ellis    Oh what a lovely pair of… pumkins?    Angela Wynter

To see more of my theatre work please have a look at the Theatre section of my website.

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Sandi Toksvig’s Christmas Cracker

December 9th, 2009 by Helen

The Christmas season is upon us, but a lot of the preparation work is done months in advance. Back in October I was asked to photograph Sandi Toksvig for her Christmas Cracker in December. At the time the design team hadn’t confirmed the look of the posters so I had to photograph Sandi in a variety of poses and costumes so that the designers had a range of images to work with.

Sandi Toksvig’s Christmas Cracker

These posters are currently visible throughout London, particularly on the Tube. Ronnie Corbett wasn’t free when Sandi was so he had to be shot separately, unfortunately I didn’t get to photograph him as I was already booked that day. Below you can see the image I took.

Image of Sandi Toksvig taken for Sandi Toksvig’s Christmas Cracker at the Southbank Centre. Studio photography by Helen Maybanks

I photographed her using a white studio background that I hired and then set up in the Southbank Centre itself. Sandi was fantastic to work with, very enthusiastic and excellent fun. To see a few more of the images, please click on the thumbnails below. I particularly like Sandi’s elf shoes.

"Sandi Toksvig’s Christmas Cracker" photograph - Sandi Toksvig in a red suit and black top hat. Colour photograph of Sandi Toksvig wearing a green tail coat for 'Sandi Toksvig’s Christmas Cracker'. Studio photography by Helen Maybanks Photograph of the actress and comedienne Sandi Toksvig dressed as an elf for a promotional image for Sandi Toksvig’s Christmas Cracker

Sandi Toksvig’s Christmas Cracker runs from 15th December to the 24th and I’ve already booked my tickets, I would definitely recommend it.

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Kara, Dan and Aimee

December 7th, 2009 by Helen

September was an extremely busy month for me so I didn’t have time to keep my blog up to date. Here is a family portrait session I photographed from early September.


We went to Regent’s Park where Aimee was able to run around.

The family

From left to right,  Dan, Kara, Aimee, Lee and Eileen. Lee and his partner Eileen are Aimee’s aunt and uncle.


All the running around left little Aimee tired out so she flopped down for a few moments on the grass.

Aimee     Laugher     Running

To see a bigger photo please click on the thumbnail.

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Childline/NSPCC at the Scottish Parliament

November 11th, 2009 by Helen

I tend not to blog about my corporate work too much, but a fortnight ago I was in Edinburgh for an event at the Scottish Parliament. There was a gathering of young people to raise awareness of the NSPCC’s How u feeling? campaign to reach out to more children, via ChildLine’s new online services.

Young people in the Scottish parliament

My brief was to get staged photographs for the press of the young people with the MSPs, but also to capture them enjoying their day. They were given a tour of the parliament and then everyone went to Committee room 1 to do a variety of activities. Here the young people do an exercise about emotions and feelings.

How u feeling? at the Scottish Parliament

Robin Harper MSP and the young people outside the Scottish Parliament, this photo appeared in the East Lothian Courier.

Looking at the Childline website

One of the important activities was to show the young people the new Childline website.

Marlyn Glen MSP and school children at the Scottish Parliament    Robert Brown MSP learns about Childline’s new online services    Laughter at the Scottish Parliament

Various MSPs turned up including Marlyn Glen MSP and Robert Brown MSP. Also in attendance were the ChildLine Young People’s group in their green t-shirts.

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Roz and Layla

November 6th, 2009 by Helen

Last weekend I photographed the Civil Partnership of Layla and Roz.

Roz and Layla say their vows

The couple got married at Westminster Register Office in Marylebone, London.


Layla and Roz and a snowstorm of confetti.

Laughter on the bus

We got on a double decker routemaster bus to drive from the ceremony to the reception venue. Many of Roz and Layla’s friends and family had come to London for the wedding, so the bus took a picturesque journey via many of London’s landmarks, including Oxford Street, Trafalgar Square and St Paul’s.

Roz and Layla

Layla and Roz walk down Shad Thames with Tower Bridge in the background.

Roz and Layla at the Design Museum

The couple held their reception at the Blueprint Cafe at the Design Museum

Cheese cake

The wedding cake, made of cheese.

Roz, Layla and Layla’s sister laughing

Layla and Roz had made everyone individual name cards with a cartoon of something significant they remembered about each guest. Layla’s sister Ashley laughs about it with the couple.

Love Hearts

There was lots of lovely personalised touches to the wedding, including Love Hearts sweets with the name and dates on.

The Design Museum Guests enjoying the reception Tower Bridge

To see more a larger image please double click on the thumbnails.

If you would like to see more about my Civil Partnership photography please click on the Civil Partnership section of my website.

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Kim and Andrew – a slideshow

November 3rd, 2009 by Helen

I was asked to make a slide show of some of my images of Kim and Andrew’s wedding and here is the result:

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The Lion King celebrates 10 years

October 27th, 2009 by Helen

Last week I photographed the 10th Anniversary celebrations of Disney’s The Lion King. There was a star studded matinee performance of the Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre in London and a number of celebrities and their families turned up for the event.

David and Samatha Cameron

Amongst the audience were Conservative leader David Cameron and his wife Samantha.

Gok Wabn

Gok Wan on the yellow carpet – yellow being The Lion King colour. I was photographing the event for Disney and I was allowed to roam the yellow carpet, so I was able to get great access to the celebs.

Greg Wise and family

Actor Greg Wise brought his children to see the show.

Adrian Lester

Actor Adrian Lester sported an appropriate scarf

Beverley Knight   Natasha Hamilton   Phil Spencer

To see a large image please double click on the thumbnail.

If you haven’t seen The Lion King then I would highly recommend it – with or without children it is a brilliant evening out.

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