The Mentalists

July 10th, 2015 by Helen

Stephan Merchant in The Mentalists

Last week I took the production photographs for the West End production of The Mentalists at the Wyndham’s Theatre. It stars Stephen Merchant as Ted and Steffan Rhodri as Morrie – both of whom were excellent. The play has very funny moments, and very dark moments and I would recommend it.

Steffan Rhodri in The Mentalists ©2015 Helen Maybanks

Stephen Merchant and Steffan Rhodri

Steffan Rhodri as Morrie

Stephan Merchant as Ted in The Mentalists

Stephen Merchant and Steffan Rhodri rehearsing The Mentalists

I also took rehearsal photographs, which I love, not only do I get to take photographs of actors in a natural and relaxed state, I also see the rehearsal process unfold. It was fascinating hearing the actors talk so articulately about the show and what they can bring to their characters. Director Abbey Wright guided Stephen through his transition to stage – this was his theatre debut – and hearing them discuss the difference between acting on stage and screen was illuminating.

A black and white photo of Steffan Rhodri rehearsing The Mentalists

Stephan Merchant talks into the telephone during rehearsals

Two posters for The Mentalists

I also took the promotional photos of Stephen Merchant back in March. Steffan was photographed separately but due to scheduling issues I photographed Stephen in the Umbrella Rooms in London. Stephen was shot in character as Ted and you can see the finished posters above. Below is a few outtakes of the shoot – Stephen is just as funny in real life and it was a very pleasurable shoot.

Stephen Merchant on a grey background



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