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Gaby and Tom Engagement Photography

March 24th, 2011 by Helen

Last month I took some engagement photographs of Gaby and Tom on and around Putney Bridge in London.

Engagement photograph of Tom and his fiancée Gabriella, behind All Saints Church, Fulham, London

I’m delighted to be photographing the couple’s wedding this summer. An engagement shoot is a great way to get for all of us to get to know each other better and get some portraits in the process. Tom and Gaby asked me to meet them by All Saints Church in Fulham, which is where their ceremony will be this summer. We were able to go into the grounds of the church which is where this image was taken.

A black and white photograph of Tom embracing his fiancée

Tom and Gaby

Tom holds Gaby in Bishops Park, Fulham. Photography by Helen Maybanks

After the church we went on to Bishops Park which runs along the Thames.

A black and white image of Tom and Gaby on the bank of the Thames

I wasn’t aware of how lovely the areas around Putney Bridge are, but there are some great spots to take portraits in. It was a very cold, grey day, but there was plenty to take photographs of and Gaby and Tom were great fun to be with – I’m looking forward to their wedding in June.

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Mel and Ade – a pre wedding photo shoot

October 3rd, 2009 by Helen

In a week’s time I am photographing Mel and Ade’s wedding, but the couple wanted me to photograph them before hand. The idea was to create a range of photos that along with some childhood photographs, can be used on a slide show at the wedding reception.

Mel and Ade

As well as the slide show, the couple wanted one image to frame for their wall, and the above photo is the picture Ade and Mel chose. The photograph will be framed with removable glass, so that at the reception their friends and family can write their messages of goodwill on the picture’s mount. So instead of a guestbook they have a lovely memento of the day that can by hung on the wall and seen. I will photograph the finished results and blog about it after the wedding.

Mel and Ade

We went to the South Bank where there is a real range of backdrops and lighting conditions. We really liked the quality of light under the arches near the railway station.


Mel and Ade are a lovely couple and it was great fun to work with the two of them.

Black and white photo of Mel and Ade

I love using the different backgrounds you see around cities. The textures of walls are so varied and they give a subtle backdrop to the main focus of the picture.

Ade and Mel

Ade and Mel

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Engagement photographs

June 24th, 2009 by Helen

Jenn and Dan are getting married in the US, but they wanted some photographs before their wedding. Having spent the past couple of years in London they liked the idea of having photos taken in two of their favourite places, Marylebone High Street and Regent’s Park.

Jenn and Dan

Jenn and Dan

Jenn and Dan in Regent’s Park

The couple are both American and were previously in New York. They said they loved the open spaces in London, particularly Regent’s Park, so we had a lovely morning walking round the park taking photographs.

The Rose Garden

Jenn and Dan on a park bench – many of the flowers are out and the Rose Garden looks beautiful.

Jenn and Dan kissing

Sharing a kiss – Jenn and Dan seem very happy, I wish them all the best for their wedding and their future together.

Marylebone High Street    Engaged    Sharing a laugh

To see a larger image please click on the thumbnails.

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