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Nutty’s Children’s Parties

May 8th, 2012 by Helen

Recently I accompanied Danny Nutt, to one of his children’s parties. Danny runs Nutty’s Children’s Parties and provides fun and unique adventures for children of various ages. This particular party featured his Space Warrior’s Mission (for all the Star Wars fans).

London and the South East based children's party entertainer, Danny Nutt.

Danny hosts the party as Danjiel The Space Warrior, searching for fellow space warriors, princesses, and Jedi Knights to help him on his quest.

Children dressed as jedi warriors during a Nutty's Children's Party.

Some Jedi Younglings use their new found knowledge of the Force to launch an attack upon the Sith.

A child has fun dressed as C-3P0 during a Nutty's children's party.

The parties are great fun. Danny has a magnetic effect on the children and they were spellbound as he led them on an elaborate quest. The parents were able to take a back seat as the kids were captivated by Danny’s range of voices and actions. Danny is a professional actor so he really knows how to hold a room, but he is also a father so he really understands how to work with children and has lots of different activities planned.

Children having fun during a Nutty's children's party. Childrens having fun while they train to be a Jedi with Danny Nutt. Danny Nutt, leading the quest for sweeties

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