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National Youth Theatre at the Athletes’ Village

July 27th, 2012 by Helen

This week I was at the Athletes’ Village where I was photographing the Team Welcome Ceremonies.

A young actor leaps into the air at a London 2012 Team Welcome Ceremony

The National Youth Theatre were performing the Team Welcome Ceremonies. Every country competing was welcomed into the village with a half hour show – each one was a mixture of performance and ceremony. Every country exchanged gifts with the Mayor of the Village; had their national anthem played and had their flag raised. At the beginning and the end the actors sang, danced, recited poetry and acted – and as you can see from the pictures it was an energetic and flamboyant event.

Boxer Aamir Khan, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and some of the cast of the NYT Team

One of the Team Welcome Ceremonies I covered was the arrival of Team GB. Lots of politicians and athletes had come to support Team GB. I grabbed a shot of boxer Aamir Khan with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and some of the NYT actors.

The Princess Royal with the NYT actors in the Olympic Village The Olympic Flag and Union Jack at the Athletes' Village Adrian Lester, a former member of the NYT, laughing with the actors

NYT actors infront of the Olympic rings Dame Kelly Holmes with an actor from the NYT at the Athlete's Village A group shot of the National Youth Theatre

HRH Princess Anne, Dame Kelly Holmes and actor Adrian Lester, formerly an NYT member, were in attendance. Please click on the thumbnails to see larger images.

Performing the GB Team Welcoming Ceremony at the Athlete's Village

Andy Murray and teammates at the GB Team Welcome Ceremony performed by the NYT Young actors performing at the Athlete's Village Boxer Nicola Adams enjoying the GB Team Welcome Ceremony

Team GB were out in force. Andy Murray and the tennis team were in attendance, as were Nicola Adams and many of the boxers.

National Youth Theatre actors performing during the Team Welcome Ceremonies

An actor back flips from the stage

An actor leaps from the stage watched by the athletes from Team GB.

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