Punchdrunk – The Drowned Man

September 17th, 2013 by Helen

The poster for Punchdrunk's 'The Drowned Man'

A few weeks ago I took some promotional images for Punchdrunk‘s new show, The Drowned Man. The company already had production images but needed two more symmetrical images for the centre of the poster. We set up studio lighting and worked with the very talented cast to get the two images of the man and woman you can see above. A big thanks to my two excellent assistants on the day, Elliott Wilcox and Claudia Legge. For anyone who hasn’t heard of Punchdrunk I would thoroughly recommend them, The Drowned Man is getting excellent reviews and is currently booking until December.

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Kimberley and Iain’s wedding

September 13th, 2013 by Helen

The bride and groom at the Goring Hotel in London

Last week I photographed the wedding of Kimberley and Iain.

Kimberley's wedding bouquet

Kimberley putting on her earrings at the Goring Hotel

Kimberley got ready at The Goring Hotel, where I captured her having the finishing touches applied to her hair and make-up.

The bride has her hair finished at The Goring Hotel in London Bridal high-heals by Benjamin Adam Kimberley smiles to the camera

Kimberley looked beautiful. She wore shoes by Benjamin Adams. Please click on the thumbnails to see larger images.

The wedding of Kimberley and Iain at Kensington and Chelsea Register Office

The couple were married in the Rossetti Room at Kensington and Chelsea Register Office on the King’s Road in London. Kimberley and Iain were joined by their good friends Dawn and Dermot who acted as witnesses to the marriage.

The bride smiles at Chelsea Old Town Hall

Iain and Kimberley on their wedding day Exchange of rings at Chelsea Old Town Hall Dermot, Iain, Kimberley and Dawn

The bride and groom walk out the front of Chelsea Old Town Hall

The couple left the Register Office and popped by St Mary’s Church to light a candle before going back to The Goring Hotel for lunch and champagne.

Kimberley and Iain on the steps of The Goring Hotel in London

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Hema and Adam’s Wedding

September 6th, 2013 by Helen

Hema and Adam in the grounds of Gosfield Hall

Last Sunday I was in Gosfield Hall in Essex for the wedding of Hema and Adam.

The grounds of Gosfield Hall, Essex

The make-up artist applies the finishing touches

Hema's proud mother watches the final preparations The bride gets into her wedding dress by Bubs Mahil Hema's sister-n-law Tulna laughs during as the bride gets in her dress

I started in the bridal suite where Hema and her family were doing the final preparations. Please click on the thumbnails to see larger images.

Hema and her father walk up the aisle together

Hema looked stunning in her Bubs Mahil dress as she walked down the aisle on the arm of her proud father. Hema’s bouquet and the men’s button holes were from Lillies of Wanstead.

Hema places the wedding ring on Adam's finger during the civil wedding ceremony.

Hema placing the wedding ring on Adam’s finger. The couple had two wedding ceremonies, they started with a civil wedding inside Gosfield Hall, before moving into the gardens for their Hindu wedding ceremony.

Adam's sister Lauren wipes away a tear at her brother's wedding Adam and Hema hold hands during the ceremony Hema and Adam walk up the aisle together

The bride and groom walk down the staircase at Gosfield Hall, Essex

The bride laughs as her husband kisses her forehead

Hema and Adam in the Rococco Bridal Suite at Gosfield Hall, Essex

Hema's family escorting Adam to the mandap (the bridal alters)

In a Hindu ceremony the groom is formally met by the bride’s family at the Pokwanu, and then led up the aisle to the mandap. Adam’s suit was made in India via Cuckoo Fashions.

Kanya Aagman - the bride is escorted by her brothers to the wedding

In the Kanya Aagman, Rakesh and Kiran, Hema’s brothers, escort her to the alter.

The priest address the couple under the Mandap

Tulna, Hema and Adam smile during the wedding ceremony Coconuts, pears and rose petals Hema's family clap during the ceremony

Adam and Hema hold hands The Hindu priest explaining the ceremony The congregation hold their arms aloft to affirm their love and support

The Mangal Sutra Dharan - Adam presents a gold necklace to Hema

The Mangala Sutra Dharan – Adam placed a gold necklace around Hema’s neck to represent togetherness, love and sacred union. Hema’s aunt made the rose garlands.

The father of the bride Ganesh The Hindu Wedding Ceremony Sindur - Adam places sindhoor (red vermillion powder) on Hema

Enjoying the Hindu wedding ceremony

The Hindu wedding ceremony

Adam's speech

After the wedding we went inside the the wedding breakfast and speeches. The father of the bride, Adam, and the best man all made very good speeches.

Adam's sister Lauren enjoys the wedding speeches Wedding dessert Liam's Best Man's speech

Cutting the wedding cake

Cutting the cake.

Adam and Hema's first dance The first dance Adam and Hema's first dance

The bride and groom with the sunset

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Tosca by OperaUpClose

August 29th, 2013 by Helen

Tosca, by OperaUpClose in association with Soho Theatre

I recently took the photograph of the very talented Becca Marriott for the poster for Tosca by OperaUpClose and Soho Theatre.

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Madeleine and Toby’s wedding

August 13th, 2013 by Helen

Madeleine and Toby outside the Landmark Hotel on the day of their wedding

Recently I photographed the wedding of Toby and Madeleine at The Landmark Hotel in London.

Madeleine's sister Nadine buttons her dress whilst the bridal party watches

I started with the bridal party – Madeleine’s sister Nadine helped her into her dress with assistance from their mum Adrienne. Madeleine looked stunning in her Stephanie Allin dress.

The make-up artist apples the finishing touches to the bride's make-up

Nadine, Madeleine's sister and Maid of Honour Madeleine and her flower girls on her wedding day at the Landmark Hotel The bridal party pose for a photo on the laptop

Please click on the thumbnails to see larger images.

Rabbi Lev watches the signing of the Ketubah

Toby smiling while Rabbi Baruch Levin signs the Ketubah overseen by Rabbi Meir Lev.

Toby sees Madeleine for the first time during the Bedecken ceremony

In Jewish weddings the first moment the groom sees his bride is during the Bedecken ceremony – Toby looked over the moon.

Toby lowers Madeleine's veil during the Bedecken ceremony A black and white photograph of the bride smiling at the Landmark Hotel in London Madeleine walks to the chuppah with her parents Adrienne and Marc

Madeleine and Toby under the chuppah

The wedding ceremony under the chuppah, with the couple’s parents and grandparents looking on.

Toby smiling under the chuppah

The couple's proud Mums clap Madeleine laughs at the end of the wedding ceremony The bride circles her groom seven times

Toby kisses Madeleine

The bride and groom on their wedding day

Madeleine and Toby outside the Landmark Hotel

Madeleine and Toby.

Dinner and dancing was held in the Ballroom

Dinner, speeches and dancing were held in the magnificent ballroom.

Toby celebrating his wedding

Toby and Madeleine had a lot of friends and family celebrating with them, and almost all of them hit the floor for the dancing at the beginning of the evening.

Madeleine and Toby are held aloft on chairs during the Hora

Madeleine and Toby are held aloft during the Hora.

Madeleine dancing at her wedding reception One of the singers from the band Pure Orange Chefs put the finishing touches to the starters

The couple pop balloons A guest laughing and enjoying the dancing Madeleine and Toby dancing at the Landmark Hotel

The evening’s band were Pure Orange, and they put on an excellent show.

Nadine, Madeleine’s sister is a brilliant singer and she performed a lovely song she had written for the couple. It was both emotional and funny, and the venue erupted when she finished.

Toby's brother Elliot giving his best man's speech

Toby’s brother Elliot was the best man, and he gave a very funny best man’s speech.

Guests enjoying the reception Toby, Madeleine and Adrienne enjoy Nadine's song Toby laughs at Elliot's speech

Reading Hebrew during benching Sheva Brochot at the wedding Marc gave a touching father of the bride speech

A photograph at the end of the evening of the bride and groom

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Production Photographs

July 4th, 2013 by Helen

Douglas Hodge in front of the factory gates

I took the Production Photographs for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane. Here are a few of the images that have been used in the press recently.

Jack Costello holding his Golden Ticket

There are four young actors playing the lead role of Charlie Bucket. Jack Costello is one of them, here holding his winning Golden Ticket.

Ellie Simmons as Veruca Salt, Clive Carter as Mr Salt and Kate Graham as Cherry

Ellie Simmons as Veruca Salt, Clive Carter as Mr Salt and Kate Graham as Cherry.

Douglas Hodge makes his grand entrance as Willy Wonka

The whole show is amazing and it has had some great reviews, I thoroughly recommend it. There are too many excellent performances to mention, but Douglas Hodge is exceptional as Willy Wonka and the children are spot on. The set and costumes were designed by Mark Thompson and it is visually stunning. These photographs have been featured in a wide range of press from the Financial Times, to the Guardian, the BBC and the New York Times.

Mya Olaye as Violet and Tom Klenerman as Charlie

Mya Olaye as Violet Beauregarde and Tom Klenerman as Charlie Bucket

Clive Carter, Nigel Planer, Iris Roberts, Ellie Simons, Jack Costello, Douglas Hodge, Jay Heyman

The entrance of Douglas Hodge as Willy Wonka Kate Graham as Cherry, Harrison Slater as Augustus Gloop and Jasna Ivir as Mrs Gloop Charlie Bucket with his Golden Ticket

Please click on the thumbnails for larger images.

The cast react to Violet Beauregarde's explosion

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Portrait of Brett Graham at The Ledbury

July 1st, 2013 by Helen

Chef Brett Graham at his Michelin starred restaurant The Ledbury

In May The Sydney Morning Herald got in touch and asked me to do a couple of jobs for them. I rarely work directly for the press – usually I am hired by the client to shoot photography for PR purposes. I was surprised by how much fun it was to work for a newspaper. Here is an image they used of mine of Michelin starred Australian chef Brett Graham in the kitchen of his London restaurant, The Ledbury. To read the full article please go here.

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Nell and Guy’s wedding

June 10th, 2013 by Helen

Nell and Guy in Richmond Park on their wedding day

Last weekend I was in Richmond for the wedding of Nell and Guy.

Nell and Guy's wedding ceremony at Ham Polo Club, Richmond

The couple were married at Ham Polo Club.


Nell laughs during the wedding ceremony at Ham Polo Club

The wedding guests photographing the signing of the register Penguin book themed Order of Service for Nell and Guy Nell arrives and is given a hug by her groom

Nell’s sister Miranda is a graphic designer and did the very cool ‘Penguin Classics’ themed order of service as well as baked the wedding cupcakes. Please click on the thumbnails to see larger images.

The bridesmaids wipe away their tears during the wedding ceremony

Nell beams as she signs the register

Nell looked radiant as she signed the register with her new husband Guy by her side.

The guests throw confetti on the bride and groom

Confetti as the bride and groom walk up the aisle. Hannah looked beautiful in her dress by Tobi Hannah.

A portrait of the bride and groom in Richmond Park on their wedding day

We travelled 4 minutes up the road to Richmond Park for some photographs. It turned out to be a great day for a wedding, warm and sunny, the bride looked beautiful and they both looked so happy.

Nell and Guy on their wedding day overlooking Richmond Park

The clubhouse of Ham Polo Club

Guy makes his speech after the wedding breakfast

Guy made a lovely speech about Nell. There were some excellent speeches, with a very funny best man’s speech by Alex, a warm and heartfelt father of the bride speech and a great speech by Nell about how she met Guy. Demonstrating there is no shortage of graphic design talent on Guy’s side of the family as well, his cousin Caroline did the brilliant table plan.

Guests enjoying the speeches at Guy and Nell's wedding The wedding seating plan Guy's mum Lydia laughs during the speeches

Nell and her parents, David and Mary enjoy the speeches Peter, the groom's father, smiles during the speeches at Ham Polo Club in Richmond Guy listens to his wife's speech after the wedding breakfast

Nell, Guy and David laugh at the Best Man's speech

Baby Imogen enjoying her aunt and uncle's wedding day

The couple’s niece Imogen enjoying the wedding reception.

Guy's mother shares a moment with Nell's grandmother Paddy Wedding cup cakes The best man's speech

The first dance at Ham Polo Club

Nell and Guy performed one of the best first dances I have ever seen – they were fantastic. The song was Burning Love by Elvis Presley and they had gone to Izabela Dance to have lessons and choreography.

The wedding of Nell and Guy - their first dance Dancing during the wedding reception of Nell and Guy at Ham Polo Club Dancing at the Ham Polo Club

A kiss in Richmond Park

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Romeo and Juliet – National Ballet of Canada

May 31st, 2013 by Helen

Guillaume Côté and Heather Ogden as Romeo and Juliet

In April I photographed the National Ballet of Canada’s Romeo and Juliet at Sadler’s Wells in London. I haven’t previously had the chance to blog the images, but here are a few from the afternoon.

Piotr Stanczyk, Guillaume Côté and Robert Stephen in Romeo and Juliet at Sadler's Wells

Piotr Stanczyk as Mercutio, Guillaume Côté as Romeo and Robert Stephen as Benvolio

Guillaume Côté and Heather Ogden as Romeo and Juliet

Guillaume Côté and Heather Ogden as Romeo and Juliet

Guillaume Côté, Piotr Stanczyk and Robert Stephen in Romeo and Juliet

Heather Ogden and Lorna Geddes Romeo and Juliet - The National Ballet of Canada Romeo and Juliet by the National Ballet of Canada

Sword fighting during a scene from Romeo and Juliet Piotr-Stanczyk is lifted by Guillaume Côté National Ballet of Canada

Please click on the thumbnails to see larger images. The ballet was beautiful and received very good reviews. These photos appeared on the Ballet News website, where you can see more images from the performance. To see more of my ballet work please take a look at the dance area of my website.

Guillaume Côté and Heather Ogden as Romeo and Juliet

Guillaume Côté and Heather Ogden in Romeo and Juliet

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Douglas Hodge as Willy Wonka

May 29th, 2013 by Helen

Front page of The Times Saturday Review featuring Douglas Hodge

Here is the tear sheet for last weekend’s Saturday Review in The Times featuring the portrait I took of Douglas Hodge as Willy Wonka. And here is the spread inside, featuring another one of my portraits, and some of my behind the scenes photos.

The Times Saturday Review featuring an article with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory's Douglas Hodge.

As part of my ongoing work with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory I was asked to take some portraits of Douglas Hodge in full costume as Willy Wonka for editorial and advertising usage. Most of my theatre work is rehearsal or production photography, which means I capture the actors on stage or in the rehearsal room. This involves me working on my own and being as quiet and discreet as possible, so that the actors can concentrate. With a large scale portrait shoot however it’s all about capturing great photos which means that I use a team of people to help get the best possible shots. For this shoot my first assistant was Ben Peter Catchpole, digi tech Sheila Udeagu and assistant was Tom Ortiz. As the photographer, responsibility ultimately lies with me, however having a team around me allows me to utilise the best of their knowledge and for us all to bounce ideas off each other. Ben is a lighting expert – helping to create the fantastic lighting for the shoot, Sheila is extremely adept with software and was able to tweak the output and show it to the client immediately. Tom worked with Ben to get everything set up quickly and correctly. In the days before a show opens the actors work very long hours and barely have time for their lunch, which means we knew we would have to do a great job as quickly as we possibly could. We used two backdrops for the shoot – one white and one blue. By having a team around me I was able to focus on Douglas and the composition, whilst leaving the heavy lifting to the team. Once the client had chosen the images they wanted the pictures were retouched by the excellent Matt at Tank.

A portrait of Douglas Hodge as Willy Wonka

For anyone interested in the technical details I used a Hassleblad H4X Body Prism with PhaseOne P65 back and a 100mm F2.2HC lens. We used Profoto lighting which was hired from the always reliable Direct Photographic.


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